Accounting services

Financial bookkeeping

Dedicate your time to running your business, and let us take care of your bookkeeping. For 27 years we have been offering bookkeeping service, keeping track of law regulations and timely informing our clients of any changes.
– Booking purchase invoices;
– Booking and preparing sales invoices / based on work orders, goods issue orders, specifications, contracts;
– Booking account statements;
– Booking cash statements;
– Preparing of travel warrants;
– Preparing of basic means register including calculation of amortization;
– Preparing of small inventory register;
– Preparing of all financial reports;
– If requested, we can issue quotations for you;
– If requested, we can introduce you to “fiskalizacija”;
– Regular reporting on open items on accounts payables and receivables;
– Help with different controls and audits; upon your authorization we communicate with Tax Administration and external auditors directly and online.

Calculation and recording of all types of income

– Payroll calculation;
– Calculation of service contracts;
– Royalties calculation;
– Annual tax calculation of wages – IP form;
– Preparation an delivery of JOPPD forms;
– Making income tax application – ZPP;
– Recapitulation of the data for control purposes – table 01/11 HZMO (Croatian Pension Insurance Institute);
– Registration and check out of the employees to/from HZMO (Croatian Pension Insurance Institute) and HZZO (Croatian Health Insurance fund);
– Issuing confirmation about salary upon employee’s request, and for the purpose of making certain rights from pension and health insurances funds.

Material bookkeeping

– Preparation of calculations;
– Record of material bookkeeping;
– Stock record.

Preparing reports

Preparation of reports determined by the law in determined period via e-services: e-Tax Administration, e-FINA (financial agency), state administration and other public services:
– VAT, VAT-S, form ZP;
– Accounting for companies in liquidation. Organization of initiation, the whole process and the end of liquidation with all supporting reports according to Commercial court, FINA and Tax Administration.
– Annual financial reports to Tax Administration;
– Annual financial reports to Financial agency;
– Reports about calculated membership fees;
– Monthly statistical reports – TRG 1, annual – INV-P, RAD-1G.

Bookkeeping for craftsmen

– Book of purchase and sales invoices;
– Book of receipt and disbursements;
– Form DI – list of fixed assets;
– Making income tax application – DOH;
– VAT calculation;
– P-PPI forms;
– Reports about calculated membership fees;

Making payments

Depending on the given authorization in the bank, we prepare and authorize payment orders (e-banking).