INT-SERVICE Ltd. was founded in 1990. primarily with an intent to provide bookkeeping services, however, over the years the array of services has significantly expanded. As the company grew, both locally and particularly on European market, INT-SERVICE established itself as esteemed company for providing consulting services, mostly related to accounting. This has been recognized by a great number of companies - more than a hundred clients from Croatia, Europe and abroad - making INT-SERVICE an important player in the market.

Why choose us?

  • We provide full business support – Your office is with us!
  • We have an ideal combination of knowledgeable employees – experienced ones teamed up with newer generation, enabling us to develop and deliver new solutions and business practices to our clients.
  • We have 33 years of experience.


  • To provide an overall business support to entrepreneurs; from the business idea and founding of the company through assistance in creating business politics and practices, to bookkeeping and finance.
  • To provide an individualized and top notch service to our clients throughout continuous investment in employees’ education and use of modern informatics solutions.

• Financial bookkeeping
• Calculation and recording of all types of income
• Material bookkeeping
• Preparing reports
• Bookkeeping for craftsmen
• Making payments

• Business consulting
• Business analysis
• Services related to crediting
• Providing consulting services to legal entities

• Providing office and secretarial services
• Headquarters’ services
• Translation from/to Croatian, English and Italian language
• Cooperation with various experts
• Representation in insurance affairs
• Cooperation with the forwarding agents and customs office
• Registration of vessels and vehicles
• Keeping the book of business shares

Business support

We provide a complete support in various business spheres:
• Marketing
• Telephony
• Web and social networks

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10 women who make up a successful team celebrated on 29.06.2023. a total of 33 years of existence of the Int-service company in the restaurant Epetium, 15 years of work of our bookkeeping manager Damira Bogdanic, who also became the first lucky grandmother of the little grandson Bepo. The first ... Read More
4. July 2023admin


On St. Peter and Paul’s holiday, 29th of June 2020 we proudly celebrated 30 years of the work of the company Int-service Ltd. It was a hard and demanding journey, but with the reliable and capable people who’s been working together for years in this team makes it easier to sail ... Read More
20. July 2020admin