Administrative services

Administrative assistance to the client

Administrative assistance to the client and collaboration with notaries and lawyers in founding of the business, transfer and sale of the shares.

Providing office and secretarial services

We offer all office, secretarial and currier services: visits to FINA, banks, post offices, pension and health insurance offices; help with import/export of the goods (preparing packing lists); writing official letters, notes in Croatian, English and Italian; preparing of reporting for Croatian Central bank: IU-DIV, INOK-GOD, IU-NI, IU-IP – INOK reports.

Headquarters’ services

You can register your office on our address. We manage your post and inform you of all news.

Translation from/to Croatian, English and Italian language

All services are offered in these 3 languages. Cost of service is defined by our pricelist. Feel free to contact us.

Cooperation with various experts

We have established a large network of associates: architects, geodesists, lawyers and others.

Representation in insurance affairs

Regardless of the type of the insurance, we negotiate the most favorable insurance with respective insurance companies, and keep a record of the expiration of the same for you.

Cooperation with the forwarding agents and customs office

We cooperate with the forwarding agents regarding all customs affairs for our clients. We prepare packing lists and supporting documentation for the export and report on foreign trade with EU countries for Intrastat.

Registration of vessels and vehicles

In order to have more time to dedicate to the main business, let us take care of the registration of your vehicles or vessels, we will promptly inform you about the expiration dates and take the necessary actions.

Keeping the book of business shares

Keeping books of business shares and all other client documentation in accordance with the Laws.

Other tasks

• Representation of foreign companies
• International agency operations
• Trade mediation on domestic and foreign markets
• Cooperation with notaries, lawyers, architects and services of Croatia in order to get concessions, conditions of construction, flooring and other from the domain of civil engineering